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Born in Altkirch, France

Lives & works in Hundsbach (France)

& Val d'Illiez (Switzerland)


My creative desire is an insatiable quest.

Painting, drawing, music, writing, singing ... artistic creation nourishes me (spiritually at least) and enriches me (intellectually, obviously).

But, if creating at the bottom of his workshop is an essential step, what is the use of creation if it cannot live its own life. A creation does not belong to us, it must find its own way.
During my wanderings, I share with you the life of my abstract and dreamlike pictorial lucubrations.

Acrylic technique with a knife, because it allows me to keep the instantaneousness of the gesture, drawing in ink for more precision or evanescent watercolors for an exploratory play of soft nuances; so many ways to envisage, in complete self-taught, the imaginary representation of a personal universe nourished with the great masters who adorn the picture rails of museums as much as the fleeting lights of everyday life..

Exhibitions & Festivals


- Altkirch (France) - Bank Crédit Mutuel


- Hundsbach (France) - City Hall


- Dannemarie (France) - City Library


- Jettingen (France) - Exhibition (collective)


- Jettingen (France) - Exhibition (collective)


- Monthey (Switzerland) - Book & Art Gallery «Au Chat Pitre»

- Tours (France) - «L'Echo de l'Art et de la Mode» (collective)

- Paris (France) - «L'Echo de l'Art et de la Mode» (collective)

- Lausanne (Switzerland) - «Artysco» (collective)


- Paris (France) - «L'Echo de l'Art et de la Mode» (collective)

Member of the Collective

Art Progress 2000


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